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ODB2 Hybrid Battery Trouble Code

With age, your Toyota Prius/Camry batteries become less and less efficient, to the point of no longer being functional.

So you have 3 options:

1. Sell your Toyota Prius/Camry

2. Buy a new original battery (OEM)
(This choice is very expensive and you will also have a battery that has never been used.)

3. Have your battery reconditioned
(It’s the most cost effective option for you and the reason for our existence.)

Batteries Hybrides Toyota Prius 1Gen (2001-2003)

All hybrid battery cells of Toyota Prius 1st generation (2001 to 2003) will be replaced by 2nd generation cells. These cells are better designed and will give you better results.

Recycling bad Toyota Prius batteries

All non-salvageable batteries will be sent to a battery recycling plant to ensure they do not end up in a landfill and their parts are reused. We are dealing with a government approved factory.

Quality assurance

Our experience has been gained in the aviation industry maintenance batteries mainly emergency power supplies. Today, we use this experience to provide you with quality service. Each battery is inspected for damage when we receive it. We list all damage found. All components are cleaned and a record is kept for charge/discharge results. Damaged parts are replaced. Batteries and backrests are last inspected before shipping.

Our battery reconditioning method

Toyota Priusstrong Hybrid
, To recondition our batteries, we perform deep discharges to determine the condition of each cell. We replace all cells with less than 80% capacity. This ensures a good balance between the cells, which extends the life of the battery.

We start by disassembling the Toyota Prius battery and discharging each cell individually to erase the memory effect that has developed over the years.

We remove all the connectors and clean them to ensure that there is no corrosion during reassembly.

We recharge each cell of the battery individually with our programmable system and maintain constant current and checking the temperature. Any cells with less than 80% capacity will be discarded.

We fully charge the Toyota Prius battery to equalize the cells and ensure the battery performs normally.

A refurbished hybrid battery, a smart alternative

When your Toyota Prius is no longer performing to its full potential, a reconditioned NiMH battery is the smarter alternative. It will save you money, in addition to saving the environment. Each refurbished battery is one less battery on the market. A big saving of resources and energy. Our aircraft-grade quality assurance system is the key to our success and your peace of mind.

Buy a battery from a recycler (scrap class)

It seems like a good alternative to buying a new battery which costs practically the price your Toyota Prius is worth. But in fact, you don’t know the condition of the battery and how long it will last. Moreover, it will never be optimal since the memory effect will not have been erased.

Change your battery before it’s dead

When gas mileage increases, it’s a sign that your battery is starting to die and should be checked. Don’t wait to break down at a bad time.

Our models

and several other model according to demand.


Rest assured to have your battery reconditioned by a professional. Poorly balanced and overheated cells are the two worst enemies. They can even catch fire. We use avionics grade equipment and methods in order to be able to offer you optimal results. We are therefore able to offer you a one-year warranty* on the battery without any extras.

The battery must be installed in the vehicle within 45 days of receipt. The vehicle must be started and driven for at least 30 minutes per month. Applicable to individuals only. Commercial fleet: 6 month warranty.


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