Livraison et installation à domicile avec frais supplémentaire

Large lithium battery inventory

Several choices available:
For Trailer, RV, Cottage, House, Project, ATV Conversion, etc.

Delivery available everywhere in Quebec

Installation service in less than 15 minutes

Need 12 volt, 24 volt, 48 volt power?

In wafer or batteries we have a product for your BMS battery, inverter, wind turbine, solar panel, wiring, regulator, etc. Lithium, Lithium life p04 with a lifespan of up to 20 years.

Model available:

1. Lithium Battery

3,2V – 72Ah

3. Li-ion Battery

Sony IJ1101M
51,2 V – 2,1 KWH
4200 MAh

4. New battery

Lithium, piles
Prius prime
2018 – 8,8 kmh

5. Lithium Battery

Chevrolet volt 2017

6. Batterie Lithium

7,2 KWh

7. Batterie Lithium

8. Batterie Lithium

51,2 V – 6,8 KWh

9. Batterie Lithium

28 V

9. Batterie Lithium

Toyota CR-V 2018
Kia -Mitsubishi
Ford Focus


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We buy your

Tell us your needs in KWh or Ah. For discussed options and charging system so you need.

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